Garden Maintenance, Make-over or Design

JC7.jpgFor regular local gardening services near-by or with a one-off gardening project or make-over in mind, let’s chat.  Please, phone, text or e-mail gardener, on mobile 0789 4344 927 or local landline 01926 737 040.

Mint Green Gardens is run by Jon from Leamington Spa with clients in Kenilworth, Warwick, Southam and beyond. See Areas We Cover long list.

See our Gardens Before and After page.

Our low-maintenance gardens, raised beds and plants selected for an easy life are popular

Our gardening services include:

  • Garden makeovers
  • Gardening projects
  • Gardening assistance
  • Soft landscaping (plants, shrubs, beds & borders)
  • Lawn care, edging & weed control
  • Turfing
  • Seasonal pruning
  • Low-maintenance garden design
  • Planting schemes, selection & advice
  • Raised beds, building, filling and planting.
  • Weeding & weed control

As an RHS-trained gardener based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, Jon Chinery offers inspiration and bespoke low-maintenance garden designs to create beds and borders with plants you’ll love, suited to your garden conditions. We can help. Call now for a friendly, no-obligation chat about the gardening services you need.

Low maintenance garden? Your garden can be lovely, trimmed and nicely planted. With a low maintenance garden plan and well-selected plants and planting, we can refresh your garden. This can either be a clear-up or new start with regular care and planned development. Maybe you just need a one-off visit to bring your garden back to life? Raised beds can help with a low maintenance garden.

Why downsize? Love your garden but it’s getting a bit much? We can help. Let’s see what you can do and like to do and the jobs that are getting too much we can do. With our garden services tailored to suit, you can enjoy your gardening and your garden. How lovely to sit in your garden with a book or friends and a cuppa and just relax.

Event brewing? A wedding, a party, a celebration? The garden’s the place but the garden and hard landscaping need plenty of gardening and general TLC. That’s just what we can do to make things look ideal for the big day. Maybe a shrub needs moving. Perhaps a ‘waiting for attention area’ needs clearing and themed planting. Far better than last-minute, let’s get started early and do it stress-free for you. Started early, our gardening services can make a big difference.

New house, new garden? Perfect! Well, it will be but as you know, plants take time to grow and you’d like it nice now. So, we need a flexible plan – and one that can change. We need plants that will be nice later and for now, plants that will give a good show maybe for repositioning later. Once underway, you’ll develop the plan to suit. If your house is still being built or altered we can start before you move in to get the plants, shrubs and trees in good shape to welcome you all to your new home.

Raised beds? They are great. We can build, fill and plant. They are a great help with having a low maintenance garden. Can’t wait? Please phone as soon as you like.